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DirectCCH.com AKA The Brandon Computer geek, Sarasota Computer Geek, Orlando Computer Geek, and the Tampa Computer Geek has support in all the listed areas.
Directcch.com provides much more than Outsource and Managed Service Plans. We also provide on-demand and packaged support in a variety of combinations to assist clients of any size and any budget. Areas of expertise include:

  • Server leasing (Windows)
  • T1, DSL and broadband support and setup
  • Software Networking
  • SaaS help
  • Website development and Content Management Systems
  • Interconnecting of offices and users with LAN's and WAN's and VPN including design, configuration, deployment, and ongoing support and management
  • Internet configuration and support. We specialize in developing cost effective systems for smaller businesses
  • E-mail system design, setup, and on-going support, IBM, Microsoft, Smartermail,
  • VPN services including work-at-home options for full-time / part-time employees
  • Installation services for proprietary business systems such as manufacturing, POS, fund raising, billing, accounting, etc.
  • System migration - either from an old network or from a smaller system to a larger system
  • Emergency services

Even though Directcch.com's service is comprehensive, our prices are refreshingly competitive with rates as low as $85 per hour - discounts are available to lower costs even further! We invite you to contact us at (813) 508-1060 to schedule a no-obligation meeting. We'll listen to your needs and tell you about how Directcch.com can assist you.

Whether to assist with a large project, a major upgrade, or to cover short-term staffing, many organizations simply need skilled technical resources for several days or weeks. Directcch.com offers a generous discount from regular rates for multi-day commitments.

Now you can have skilled Directcch.com professionals working at your company for less than the cost of most temporary services! For complete information about Day Rate Service, contact Directcch.com at (813) 508-1060 or click here.


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